Energy Queensland

Attune helps critical path project teams work in parallel to deliver fast for a billion-dollar programme.

Energy Queensland ran a multi-billion dollar project to unify their systems across their subsidiaries. The programme of works was large with many dependent projects. The project team adopted Attune to rapidly automate their infrastructure builds and go-live process, meeting deadlines and reducing costly delays to other projects. Attunes simplicity and use common languages like Bash and Powershell allowed a team of experts to adopt Attune and begin automating different server builds in parallel with only a couple of hours of training.

Attune Clients

Essential Energy

Attune rolls out critical infrastructure replacements before Australian bush fire season, integrating to DELL iDracs.

Essential Energy used Attune to perform a critical infrastructure hardware replacement project in 3 months. The project team built automated server build procedures within Attune from their existing scripts and documentation. Attune then rebuilt several servers a day, integrating with the DELL iDrac to rebuild from bare metal until the test environment was perfect. Attune was then used to build all physical production serves in one day, 24hours before go-live. Attune ran the cutover on the day with great success. Essential Energy continues to use Attune to build new environments and keep it ready for disaster recovery scenarios.


Attunes documentation generation captures knowledge from the vendor.

Northpower embarked on a full system critical implementation project to replace an existing control system. The project team insisted on capturing the knowledge required to build the complex, vendor delivered severs. Attunes self-documenting automated procedures provided the team with an organised view of all the 200 simple steps required to build the servers. The project team could then rapidly modify the procedures and rebuild the servers as the project rolled out.

Attune Clients


Orion embraces Evergreen upgrades with Attune with portable procedures.

Orion uses a power grid management system for their critical infrastructure, which the vendor releases updates to on a 6 monthly period. Orion leverage Attunes simple to use design to load in the vendors latest software, update some parameters and build server environments running the latest software. This lets them evaluate release candidates and roll out smaller, faster system upgrades. Once Orion decides on a release candidate, Attune can easily export the build procedures from their evergreen environment, into their development, test and production Attune servers.

PSC Consulting

System Integrators (SI) lead the way by delivering with Attune.

PSC performed the role of a system integrator in a sever upgrade project. The project team used Attune to automatically build a fleet of servers, giving them a significant competitive advantage and the customer a higher quality product, delivered faster.

WEL Networks

Attunes build in scheduler coordinates all windows and linux scheduled tasks across a data centre.

WEL Networks adopted Attune in 2014 and leverage Attunes built in scheduler for centralised management of server scheduled server tasks. All members of the support team use Attune to refresh their development and testing system from production backups. Upgrade project teams have performed upgrades of their critical control systems infrastructure every two years, and always have the time to improve security and resilience of the systems.

Western Power

Attune helps Western Power rapidly automate their manual procedures.

Western Power engaged a system vendor to provide an upgraded system infrastructure build documentation. This documents were as instructions on perfoming the steps manually. Having seen what Attune can do, the project team then created the automated attune procedures from the vendors documents and streamlined the infrastructure builds of their development, test and production environments.